"Hey! I'm Shanil 🙂. I empower people and businesses with the skills, tools, and creativity to tell their stories using 360 cameras"

How I can help you 👇

✅ 1 to 1 hourly online coaching on Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, on any 360 topic of your choice.

✅ Learn how to master your 360 camera with online courses, help and support on demand, and continuous updates in Best360 Academy.

✅ Lead 1 to 2 days group workshops to upskill your team from 360 beginners to 360 pros. 

✅ Lead end to end video production of reframed 360 video or immersive 360 video for VR headsets.

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Why Best360?

✅ Achieve your business goals on time and on budget.

✅ Friendly and professional service you can trust.

✅ The most creative 360 video creator in London.

✅ Completely transparent communication.

best360 1 to 1 coaching

1 To 1 Coaching

Empower yourself with new skills through highly productive coaching sessions on Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts 💡

➡️ Write down your list of key learning objectives.

➡️ Shanil estimates the amount of hours required to cover the key learning objectives.

➡️ You and Shanil agree the list of key learning objectives and hours required. 

➡️ You will confidently learn all the key learning objectives within the specified hours agreed.

best360 academy 360 camera beginners guide course

Best360 Academy

Learn at your own pace with up to date video tutorials on how to master your 360 camera, help and support from Shanil on demand, and continuous updates.

➡️ Learn the fundamentals of 360 cameras to master the best filming and editing techniques.

➡️ Learn how to avoid noise, blur, and light flicker in 360 video.

➡️ Learn the best methods to reframe 360 video in the Insta360 app and upload it to social media in the highest quality possible.

➡️ Learn how to reframe 360 video in Insta360 Studio. And process INSV files into MP4/ProRes files.

➡️ Learn the fast and fun way to edit a reframed 360 video and immersive 360 video in Final Cut Pro.

best360 shanil kawol group 360 filmmaking workshop

Group 360 Filmmaking Workshop

Train your team over 1 or 2 days to become confident 360 filmmakers. Practice makes perfect. The workshop is highly practical and minimal theory. By the end of the workshop each filmmaker will publish a finished video.

➡️ Educate up to 10 persons how to use 360 cameras creatively. Ideal for journalists or marketeers.

➡️ Expert trainer Shanil teaches 10 year olds in schools across London how to make creative videos. Workshops are engaging, easy to follow, and fun!

➡️ Request a day plan template which can be customised towards your business needs and available resources.

best360 shanil kawol 360 video production

360 Video Production

Create reframed 360 videos for social media which stand out from the crowd. Capture your short story with unique angles and perspectives like never seen before.


Or create an immersive 360 video for VR headsets to immerse your audience in the heart of the action. And make them feel like they are actually there.

⬇️ Initial meeting: Discover your project vision, goals, messages, and desired outcomes.

⬇️ Scripting/Storyboard: Turn your vision into a plan of action. This describes the final output. No hidden surprises.

⬇️ Filming: Execute the plan of action on time and on budget.

⬇️ Editing: Up to 3 iterations of feedback to make your video ready to publish.

⬇️ Delivery: Download your final video ready to upload onto social media.

Other Services

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✅ Available for talks and demos at shows, conferences, schools, colleges, and universities.

✅ Promote relevant products on Best360 social media platforms.

best360 monopod aluminium alloy edition 360 camera stand

Best360 Products

Best360 makes high quality 360 camera accessories so you can spend more time filming and less time worrying about the safety of your 360 camera 💪

➡️ Check out the Best360 Monopod.

best360 shanil kawol storytime

About Best360

Storytime 📖

Based in London, Shanil is best known for his Youtube channel “Best360”. It’s the best place on the internet to learn about 360 cameras and how to use them creatively. Whether you are new to 360, or video making in general, Shanil believes anyone can learn 360. Including you!

Hey! I’m Shanil, creator of the Best360 brand. I just love the freedom of using a 360 camera! When the Insta360 ONE X was introduced in October 2018, I knew this technology was going to change the way we capture stories and life moments forever. I no longer need to worry about framing, I will never miss the moment again, I can capture shots which would otherwise require a camera crew or other expensive video equipment, and I can re-live a moment like never seen before.


My mission is to help you bridge the gap between the technology and your creativity. So you can independently film, edit, and publish your own FreeCapture or Immersive 360 videos. That’s why I created Best360 back in October 2018. I want to help you share your own stories with the world beyond a fixed window.”


Helping Sussex Uni Recruit Students

Case Study 📖

To stand out from the crowd, Sussex Uni enlisted the help of Best360 to capture the vast and vibrant spaces of Sussex using a 360 camera.

Best360 on Youtube

Check out Best360 on Youtube to learn how to use 360 cameras creatively.